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Our Policies

On this page you will find:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Clinical Technology Assessment Agreements
  • Guidelines for use of Penn Trademarks
  • Export Control Memo from the Dean of Research
Intellectual Property
Read Penn's policies regarding intellectual property contained in the Penn Patent and Tangible Research Property Policies and Procedures.

Conflicts of Interest Policies

Guidelines for Use of Penn Trademarks

  1. Background: The name "Penn" and symbols associated with the University of Pennsylvania such as the university seal and the (Penn "P") are registered trademarks. Unauthorized use of trademarks on goods or services offered for sale is counterfeiting and is punishable under both federal and state laws.

    CTT is authorized to grant licenses for use of Penn's trademarks on items offered for sale. The most important objective of the licensing program is to guard against inappropriate use of Penn's trademarks. The quality of the product bearing the trademark and the design incorporating the trademark are reviewed prior to licensing.
  2. Guidelines: Any items offered for sale to the public bearing Penn's trademarks must be licensed. There are no exceptions. However, items acquired by a University department or affiliated group via a University purchase order for internal University use do not require a license.

University departments, affiliated groups, or faculty/staff/students selling items bearing Penn trademarks for fundraising or other purposes must acquire such items from a licensed supplier or be licensed if they are self-producing the items or using a non-licensed supplier. Camera-ready artwork of Penn trademarks is provided with the License Agreement. There is a royalty fee which is normally a percentage of the wholesale value of items sold.

Use of Penn trademarks on items not sold to the public (such as give-away items or for charity events) requires permission and may be subject to a user fee.

Export Control Laws
Read Penn's Export Control Memo from the Dean of Research contained in the Export Control Laws section of the ORS website.